The City of Martinez: Save the open space connected to John Muir




This is my home, please sign this petition!

If you have ever gone for a walk, a run, a hike, or just looked at a set of rolling hills and thought “Wow, that looks nice!”, then SIGN THIS PETITION!

One of the last remaining open spaces in the Bay Area is being threatened by developers who want to turn our nature areas into track homes.

If you like the outdoors, more than track homes, sign this petition. Only ~1000 more signatures needed!

Seriously, please sign this. It will only take you 3 seconds. I have more followers than signatures needed, cmon guys (and ladies of course!)

Sign this right meow. So dumb that they want to ruin a place like this just to make a few bucks. Pretty sad. 

(via boneandstardust)